Got it Dirty? No Worries! 

Cleaning Instructions

how to wash

All of our critter collection is washable. But the herbs should not get wet. If they do get wet you will need a replacement pouch. Save the critter!

Most of the critters open and close from the seam on their back between the head and tail. Find a thread in the back seam and clip it. The back will open up and you can pull out the herbal pouch. Safety pin the opening closed and place critter in a pillow case and pin closed. Put through the wash. You may need 2 rounds in the dryer to get all the fluff stuffing inside to dry. Make sure fluff is completely dry before replacing the herbal pouch. You may need to stuff some of the fill back into the head and legs. Put pouch back into the critter and shake into position.

Cleaning Instructions

A large easy slip stitch will do to close it back up. You don’t have to be a great seamstress, the fur is very forgiving. This is a good time to add fresh aroma herbs to the pouch.

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