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ello, my name is Diane Blum and this is my daughter Nicky. We are “Relax…with Flax”, along with a few other helpers. Throughout the past decade, I have had to endure several injuries to my neck and lower back, mostly due to my passion, golf. During these painful times, I am always in search for something…anything…that helps me feel better.

Diane Blum and Nicky

When I found a flax seed wrap I couldn’t believe it’s heating abilities! Then by adding the lavender herbs for the healing Aromatherapy, I was in heaven! Oh, the warm comfort…
and wow, they work cold too!

It started with just a few wraps for the family and my golf friends. Then Nicky took a few into work with her. She is a school bus driver here in the cold winter state of Michigan. The other drivers loved them! They now have a “wrap heating only” microwave in their break room.

Then we tried a local craft show, which was very well received and we were off and running. It has since become my full time job.

One night my grandson, Tanner, was sleeping over. At bedtime he always asked for a warm wrap to go to bed with. When I checked on him later he had the wrap hugged in one arm and his teddy bear in the other. My light bulb came on… warm bears!

I feel the need to share these wonderful wraps and comfort bears. I have come up with several sizes and designs, all handcrafted quality. I truly hope one of them can help you or a loved one.

Sincerely, Diane Blum

wonderful wraps and comfort bears

Diane Blum Relax With Flax Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps

Diane Blum

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