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  • Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I love your products! My 3yr old son has Juvenile Arthritis, and the Arthritis Foundation just sent him a package in the mail and in the package was a Brandon Bear from your company. He loves it! We warm it up before nap and bedtime and he has been sleeping with it. It is a blessing that he received this.

  • I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. My son, who is 3, has Juvenile Arthritis. Yesterday we received a package in the mail from the Arthritis Foundation with an amazing bear from you. We LOVE Brandon Bear! Your kindness is greatly appreciated and I wanted you to see how happy we are! Here is a post I just did on my blog all about our package. I mentioned your company and included links so others can see what a wonderful product you have!
    Have a wonderful day! Ashley

  • Diane, Here is the picture of my beagle, Zinna receiving the 'healing powers' of a nice, warm ,flax therapy pad. It's funny, now if she wants attention, she limps ,looks at me and I ask her if she needs her 'warmie'. Also, her 'cousin' my other Beagle, has caught on to the 'warmie', now.... and some people say animals are dumb!! Now, EVERYONE in my family has one, in various styles. You have an awesome product, verified by humans & very intelligent dogs
    Your loyal customer & friend, Karen Hampton
    Karen Hampton
    Karen Hampton
  • I am a labor and delivery doula. I ordered the Flax belt to provide physical support to my Mama's in labor. It is the most fantastic tool. The Mama can use it for back labor and it also may be worn very low under the belly. It provides great comfort, and they just keep asking for more. It is one of the best tools I have in my bag and I would highly recommend it to other doulas. The cover can be removed and washed after each use and the velcro helps to keep the belt in place longer than having to tie.
    Thanks so much for a great American made product and the very best to you and your business. Sincerely, Michele Harshbarger R.N.- labor and delivery doula Asheville, N.C.

    Michele Harshbarger R.N.
  • Hello Diane, I have been meaning to write to you for sometime just to tell you how I love your beautiful warming wraps. I ordered one back in December for my brother-in-law who was suffering from pancreatic cancer. His pain was being managed with medicine but he had almost constant hiccups and a swollen belly. I only knew I wanted to make him as comfortable as possible and after some research, I found your product on the internet. I cannot tell you how much he loved the warmth and lavender scent of your body wrap! It meant so much to me to be able to bring some extra relief to him in the end. I can tell you put a lot of love into your hand made wraps and I will definitely be ordering more of these to give as gifts. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Diana Eisenman
    Diana Eisenman
  • I love my Relax with Flax Finnigan dog. I have hereditary spastic paraplegia/diplegia and if I lay Finnigan over my legs, he helps with the spasms.
    Because I have this, I also get kidney infections. I actually have one right now and Finnigan has been go great for me. I heat him up and my mom lays him across my back.
    The flank pain I get from kidney infections feels so much better when I have Finnigan on it.
    I recommend Relax with Flax to my friends who have similar issues. An added bonus is that my bed sheets smell like lavender too. =]

  • Dear Diane- It was good to see you at the Northville show. I trust that you had a good show or at least a good time!

    I just wanted to drop you a note and Thank-you for making the animals filled with flax. We adopted a young boy with severe autism and he has adopted the raccoon that we got from you last year. It is the one thing that he seems to find comfort from. If he is upset, not feeling well or hurt he refuses to be touched. But the raccoon seems to soothe him and help him calm down. He also likes to snuggle into bed with it. We heat if for a minute in the microwave and tuck it in. A minute later Ben is snoring away!! We also found if we tossed the raccoon in the freezer for a few minutes it intrigues Ben and he really focuses in on the animal. This is one of the only "toys" Ben has ever bonded to and we wanted to let you know that you have made everyone here very happy and grateful.
    I hope you have a very Happy Holiday and again-- Thank-you Debbie Kinde

    Debbie Kinde
  • My Mom received the packs and is very pleased with them !!!!! She said they will help take away the “fire in her belly” she is experiencing from the cancer and the chemotherapy ... Thank you so very much for shipping them so quickly !!!!! I truly appreciate that !!!!!
    Gratefully yours, Judy

  • "I have to tell you my son loves his bear. He gave up his "binkie" to sleep with his "sick bear" as he calls it. He used it so often I decided to try the lavender puppy because we were having trouble with night terrors. I am pleased to say that he loves the puppy just as much. He named him Fudge and we warm him up every night. The night terrors are down to about once a week instead of once or twice a night. I also bought my baby daughter the baby bears, she sleeps with them every night also. I can't say enough good things about these, they have made getting rid of the "binkie" and night terrors an easier process, I couldn't be happier with the way the have helped my son. I recommend these to everyone I know."  Thanks, Dawn, William, and Madelyn

    Dawn, William, and Madelyn
    Dawn, William, and Madelyn
  • "I just wanted to update you as to the success of my "flax wrap Christmas". All my relatives are very happy with them. I especially want to tell you about my Mom. She is 84 and has developed problems with the tendons of her hands. The MD wants to do surgery, which she does not want, and visits to a chiropractor proved too stressful to her. Since she said the pain was unbearable I started daily hot wax treatments and massage on her hands. Her favorite part is the back and neck wraps during the massage and the wrap en-folding her hand in warmth afterward! I am glad to report that not only has the pain gone away but also the numbness associated with it! Thank you so much! It has been over a year since I met you at Dr. Doty's craft show. I went to support her but I am so glad that I found your product. I told you that my lady friend said she didn't want anything for last Christmas and boy did you ever set me straight! She still hugs her Bear when we are apart and uses all the wraps to keep her going in her cleaning business. I have become a certified massage therapist with the last year and I use your wraps with clients and I always get oohs and aahs from them! The upcoming year might offer me opportunities for teaching in the massage field. If this happens you can be sure I will teach them about the superior benefits of flax seed wraps! You are a nice lady with a superior product and I wish the best to you and yours in your efforts and in your lives." Thankfully, Bill Love of B Love Certified Massage LLC

    Bill Love B Love Certified Massage LLC
  • "I just had to let you know that I love your wraps. I heated up the very large one for my back, at it was great. It covered the whole area that was stiff and hurt. It smelled wonderful also. My Mom and Dad stopped by and I showed them to Mom. We took a another pad and compared it to your wraps........NO COMPARISON!!!!! My mom has sewn for many years and she commented on how well your wrap was constructed. (She even tried one out). We both like the pillowcase that can be removed and washed." Julie

  • "I recommend Diane's products to my clients because of their superior quality - they really help ease muscle pain. And my grandsons love the ultra-soft, warm bears when their tummies hurt and the cold flax packs for their bruises. Diane has created the best user-friendly products I have found." Judy L., RN, CMT

    Judy L., RN, CMT
  • "As a doctor I have sold these in my office for about 2 years. I always loved the wraps and Diane's ability to make what we needed. Now using them as a patient with torn A.C.L. I can't stop saying how much I LOVE THEM!!! It makes me (yes a doctor, knowing how important ice is) a COMPLIANT patient. When I actually needed these wraps, I found out how amazing they are. No one really wants to put a bag of ice, melting, freezing and uncomfortable on their body. Diane has made them comfortable, fashionable and EASY to use. Making you not dread your next icing!!!" Thank you! Dr. Ronda Marshall

    Dr. Ronda Marshall
  • "On a cold winter day, nothing is more comforting then a “Relax With Flax” wrap, heated and wrapped around my shoulders. This makes these cold winters a lot more bearable." Roger

  • "Both my husband and I love our flax belt. It is so very comforting after a long day on my feet - very soothing and rejuvenating!! My husband uses it too. After either chopping/stacking firewood or shoveling snow, it is just what the doctor ordered! Thank you for making such a wonderful product! I have recommended you to all my friends!"  Mariann
  • "I love these heating pads. I have chronic headaches and neck pain, they are a life saver. Such good quality. I used to get another type of wrap and they are not very good quality like these. They would break and the herb mixture would always fall to one end of the heating pad. These don't. They have seams so the herb mixture stays in the middle. I love that I can take the covers off and wash them. Can't do that with the competition. I also have the eucalyptus pad for sinus pressure and colds. I use them with my kids often. It helps open up there nasal passages and relax their coughing." Melissa Morelli

    Melissa Morelli
  • I had a water pipe freeze one cold, cold morning that was located very close to the ceiling in my basement. Wondering how I'd ever get it safely thawed out I remembered my FLAX WRAP. Heated it up, placed it between the ceiling and the pipe (there was just enough room to squeeeeeze it in!) and in less than 2 minutes the water was flowing. THANKS, Relax With Flax!! Your products are amazing for all kinds of good reasons. Barb Howe
    Webberville, MI
    Barb Howe

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