Why Flax Seed?

You can heat Flax seed hundreds of times and it will still hold heat. It also works as a cold pack. The seeds don’t freeze solid, so they are still conforming to you.

See our “Why Flaxseed” page for more information about why flax seed is better then other heat wraps.

How long will the aromatherapy last?

Every time you heat your wrap or critter, you are using a little bit of the aromatherapy. Make sure not to over heat as that will burn it up faster than anything. It could last weeks, months, or a couple of years, depending on you. We do carry spritzers of refresher oils. When the aromas wear out, you will still have a hot/cold wrap, just unscented.

Do I need HOT or COLD therapy?

Old rule of thumb: COLD for new injury, HOT for old injury.

Do I want a cotton or flannel cover?

I only recommend cotton for COLD therapy, the flannel is too thick of a barrier to let you feel the cold. When it comes to HEAT therapy, they both work well. With cotton you will feel the most therapy, thinnest barrier, but the flannel is insulating and holds the heat longer and of course is a little softer.

How long should I heat my wrap or critter?

Each wrap and critter comes with heating instructions and times. However, all microwaves have a little different heating abilities (wattage). Start with the minimum time from directions and add just 10 seconds at a time to find your happy place with your wrap. Do take care not to over heat, the flax oil will get a scorched smell but will still work for heating. Very important to use a working turntable while heating to avoid hot spots. If you have a large wrap or critter, take it out half way through heating and re-roll the wrap differently, or work the critters herbs around. Like stirring the food.

Can you heat it in a conventional oven?

No, only the microwave. I have heard of people using crock pots without the lid on.

How do I clean my wrap?

All wraps, neck wrap size and larger, have removable, washable covers. I prewash all  fabrics before I cut and sew, so you don’t get any bad surprises. The critters, if their a little dirty you can give a wipe off with a damp towel. If the critter needs washing, see critter washing instructions. The herbs are in a muslin pouch that can be removed.

What do I do if I get the herbs wet?

If the wrap is dropped say, in the bathtub of water, it is ruined. Throw it away. If you try to dry it out, the seed will clump, very uncomfortable, and it may grow mold. If it is a critter, you may purchase a replacement pouch.

Do you have fabric choices?

I have dozens of fabric choices, too many to show on the website. Contact Us for request.

Why purchase our wraps and bears?

I have worked very hard to design a line of wraps and critters that I am nothing but proud of. All our wraps are hand made quality, good fabrics and filled with the best organic herbs. I’ve had very good testimonials from my customers and can only hope you will feel the same way. You won’t be disappointed!

Do you have a physical store?

Unfortunately, no, the web site is our store. But if you live in Michigan, there is a good chance your can find us at an arts and crafts show. Check our show calendar for dates and places to some of the best shows in the state!

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