Let Boomer take the booboo away! Boomer is the perfect puppy for our Comfort Critter collection. Smaller and lighter than Finnigan, he's great for younger children.

Do you have a child that has sleeping problems? A warm critter with the Lavender Aromatherapy is so calming and relaxing, the favorite. It really will help lull your child, or you to sleep, or relieve a tummy ache or ear ache. We've been receiving very good reviews from families dealing with Autism. They tell us that the Critters can work magic! Many children these days are suffering from juvenile arthritis, but we hear they find relief with our heated animals.




Warm Heart Comfort Critter CollectionLet Boomer take the booboo away!

Another custom design by Relax with Flax.

Boomer is the perfect puppy for our Comfort Critter collection. Smaller and lighter than Finnigan, he’s great for younger children.

Flip him over and find an ultra-soft Velboa tummy. What a great heating pad to take care of the tummy aches and ear aches, or just keep your child warm and cozy.

Boomer can work wonders at bedtime. Boomer will be your child’s best buddy!

  • Ultra soft Velboa Tummy for the softest heating pad.
  • Weight: approx 1½ lb Length: 12″ inches lying
  • Heating time for is 1 ½ minutes.

Heating time for is 1 ½ minutes.When heating the puppy, place on working turntable in a sitting position (as shown in the picture), not laying down. It’s important that the plush rotates and doesn’t get stuck in a corner.


If seeds are still a little warm inside, REHEAT only half the time.

Herbal pouch is filled with organic Flax Seed (the heating element). Available in Unscented or with Lavender aromatherapy added.

By removing the herbal pouch inside, these critters are machine washable.

If it’s just warmth you’re after (no Aromatherapy), we can help you with that too.

You can feel good in knowing that all of our herbs are organic.

Heat ’em in the microwave!

Replacement Pouch

Click Here To order: Replacement Pouch

Additional information

Aromatherapy Scent

Unscented, Lavender

Critter Size



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