Lavender Buds by the Pound


Lavender buds by the pound to make your own sachets, potpourri or whatever you need. Freshly dried “Super Blue French Lavender”, it has good color and a nice, sweet aroma. Can be used for culinary uses.



Lavender Buds by the Pound

There are so many ways to use lavender, the list is almost endless. Here’s a few suggestions for you.

  •  In your clothes drawers and closets, to scent your clothes or linens.
  •  Did you know that lavender can take the place of moth balls? How nice to have your sweaters and coats smelling nice, instead of like moth balls. We use it for winter storage in our covered boat in the winter, keeps the pests out.
  • Tuck into your pillowcase and sleep like a baby.
  •  Use in your dryer when doing laundry. A sachet is good for a few turns in the dryer.
  •  How about Lavender sachet bags instead of rice to throw at the wedding. The birds will clean up the mess, and all the guess will love the aroma.
  •  Add some to your sugar jar in the summer months to absorb the humid, and put a new flavor to your sugar. Lavender Lemonade is awesome!
  •  We love our Lavender scented heating wraps. If you have an old wrap that could use some fresh aroma, here you go. Just open yours up and add all you want, go to Lavender heaven…. Ahhh…..
  •  Open up your child’s favorite stuffed animal and add a sachet of buds and close. They will calm down and sleep well at night.
  •  Sprinkle around your garden, lavender is Deer and rabbit resistant.
  •  Use for crafting your own soaps and scrubs.

The list is endless, enjoy!

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Aromatherapy Scent


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1 Pound Bag, 2 Pound Bag


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