NO rice, corn or beans! 

Why Flax Seed

About Flax seed

You may have had a heat wrap in the past filled with rice, corn, beans or even cherry pits. Although they all do work for a short time, the ability to hold heat is very temporary because they are all water based. Every time you heat them, some of the hydration is lost and they are shrinking. Eventually, you end up with a wrap that can’t hold heat anymore…they just smell like over cooked food!

That will not happen with Flax Seed because it is oil based and oil doesn’t dehydrate. You can heat it hundreds of times and it will still hold heat. It also works as a cold pack. The seeds don’t freeze solid, so they are still conforming to you.

Heat therapy with flax seed

Two rules to a Flax Seed wrap…Do not over heat. Do not get the herbs wet.

If you follow these two rules your Flax Seed wrap or critter will give you pleasure for years!

Why Use Flax Seed For Heat Therapy

Flax Seeds are very small, about the size of a sesame seed, so the wrap is very comfortable and conforming. No lumps or pits. The contents of a flax seed is 30 to 40% oil, commonly known as “Linseed Oil”. When heated in the microwave oven it has the ability to retain a moist heat (doctor recommended) for a long period of time and can be heated over and over and over!

I love adding Lavender buds for very pleasant aromatherapy. If you over heat the seed, then you will have a burned odor that doesn’t go away. Follow directions for your size wrap. However, all microwaves vary in heating ability. Find your happy place with your microwave.

Flax Seed farm in North Dakota

Flax Seed farm in North Dakota
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